Registered Landman (RL)

As a vehicle for entry into the land profession, a person may apply to be certified as a Registered Landman.  All applicants for RL certification must be active members of AAPL and must maintain their membership in order to maintain their RL certification. The applicant must be sponsored by a qualified RPL or a qualified CPL. Family members may not be sponsors. The application will be reviewed by the Director of Education and referred to the Certification Committee for approval, at which time the RL study quide and exam will be provided to the applicant.

An RL shall have only one (1) year from the time of qualifying to apply for RPL status in which to achieve designation as an RPL.

AAPL’s Registered Landman (RL) designation is the basic-level form of certification offered by AAPL. By meeting the requirement below, an RL signifies a fundamental knowledge of the land profession as well as a Landman’s commitment to furthering their education.

For a more detailed description of the requirements for RL certification, please download the RL Application or visit the Certification Program Specifications ("CPS") which provides regulations. The CPS can also be found in your printed membership directory.

RL Application Requirements

  • Be an active member of AAPL. Student and associate members, division order and lease analysts are not eligible to apply for certification
  • Be primarily engaged, on a full-time basis in the active performance of Landwork
  • Be sponsored by a qualified CPL or RPL who must submit a Sponsor Verification Form conjointly with your application. When combined, your sponsor(s) must cover ALL the required total credit years' experience (a full 4 years if not applying with a college degree). Each Sponsor must have personally known the applicant for longer than six (6) months prior to sponsoring
  • Submit the RL application in its entirety with the $75 non-refundable application fee
  • The entire application process must be completed within one hundred-twenty (120) days from the date that the application is received by AAPL
  • Complete and submit the RL take-home exam.

RL Exam

The RL examination is an open-book exam that the applicant completes using the Review Guide included with the exam and any other available resources. The exam covers the very fundamentals of Landwork, including real property law, contract law, conveyancing, the oil and gas lease and ethics. The exam is intended to be a part of the learning experience for a new Landman. The exam is sent to the applicant upon approval of the application by the Certification Committee. The completed exam must be returned to AAPL for grading within 45 days.

RL Fees

The RL application fee is $75. There is no RL recertification fee.  All applicable certification, recertification and record maintenance fees will be established by the Executive Committee of AAPL by a majority vote of those present and may be changed as deemed appropriate by that same body.

RL Educational Requirements

An RL shall have an educational requirement of five (5) educational credits per year, which shall be earned by attending educational courses, seminars and/or institutes dealing solely with energy or mineral land topics that have been approved by AAPL for such educational credit. Credits do not carry over year to year. For more information on maintaining your certification, please click here.


For more information, please see the Certification FAQs section.

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