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Sean W. Marshall, CPL

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Sean W. Marshall, CPL

Third Vice President

After graduating from the University of Alabama School of Law, Sean Marshall, CPL, began his career with Hawkeye Oil & Gas Inc. in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as an attorney and a landman. He soon developed a keen taste for oil and gas transactions and realized he had found his passion in the land business.

After several years in Alabama, Marshall relocated to Denver. He’s held land and legal positions with various companies, including large and midsized independents and private equity. Except for the northeastern basins, Marshall has worked all unconventional plays in the Lower 48 in addition to some Central and South American projects. In 2016 he accepted the role of vice president of land for Centennial Resource Development, Inc., providing leadership in land, business development and government and public relations.

He has served as Ethics Committee chairman for the AAPL and also as director for the Black Warrior Association of Professional Landmen. He currently serves on the Texas Oil & Gas Association board.