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Master Services Agreement

 A new, updated Master Service Agreement Contract is now available to all AAPL members! The new MSA Contract encompass the expanded scope of work that today’s landman often performs. Click here to login and begin using it now!

Government Relations

With a dedicated, full-time government affairs liaison, AAPL is committed to providing a dedicated advocacy on behalf of landmen and the industry, and to address critical matters and legislative issues that shape public policy at state and federal levels. 

Serving as the voice of the landman, AAPL works continuously to promote the land profession, shape public policy at the state and federal levels and bring attention to the issues landmen care about within the oil and gas industry and the public arena.

During the past two decades, technological advancements in the oil and gas industry have led to an unprecedented increase in drilling activity in the United States. This expansion has led to increased government regulation, building a pressing need for industry representation to have direct experience in the field. 

SURVEY: Independent Contractors in the Landman Industry

Dear AAPL Member,

AAPL is conducting a survey to determine if Independent Landmen are generally treated as independent contractors within the oil and gas industry and to collect information about the services that AAPL provides. As an active AAPL member, you are invited to participate in this survey.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP ("PwC") has been engaged to assist AAPL in developing the questionnaire, conducting the survey, and reviewing the results.

If you have questions concerning this survey, please contact

Independent Contractor Tax Toolkit

Independent Contractor 
Tax Toolkit

AAPL Independent Contractor Toolkit, a comprehensive, one-stop source for important tax law information for independent landmen. Throughout the toolkit you will find tips, videos and articles on how to model your business to comply with tax regulations, how to prepare if you’re facing an audit, and a state-by-state guide on tax and independent contractor laws throughout the U.S.  
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