About AAPL

What is a Landman?

A landman is the public facing side of an oil, gas, mineral or other energy sources exploration and production team who interacts and negotiates directly with landowners to acquire leases for the exploration and development of minerals or other energy sources. 

There are various types of landmen ranging from in-house (company) landmen to independent field landmen and independent land consultants.

In-House (Company) Landmen

Company Landmen, also known as In-House or Exempt Landmen, negotiate deals and trades with other companies and individuals, draft contracts and administer their compliance, acquire leases, clear title, prepare land for drilling or operations for other energy sources and ensure compliance with governmental regulation.

Independent Field Landmen

Independent Field Landmen serve clients on a contract basis. They are generally the industry’s contact with the public as they research courthouse records to determine ownership, prepare necessary reports, and locate mineral and landowners. They negotiate leases and various other agreements, obtain necessary curative documents and conduct surface inspections before drilling or operations for other energy sources commence.

Independent Land Consultants

Independent Land Consultants serve clients on a contract basis. They perform all of the functions listed above, plus the due diligence examinations required in the purchase and sale of companies and properties.

Every AAPL member commits to the highest ethical standards outlined in AAPL’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. When landowners work with a member of AAPL, they can feel confident they are working with a landman who operates professionally and ethically.

AAPL Landman Mark

Member Mark

When it comes to negotiating mineral rights or rights associated with other energy sources and related real property interests, landowners and landmen alike want the deal to be done fairly and correctly. We help landowners learn to negotiate with confidence and help landmen protect the public interest by operating under our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. When landowners see the AAPL mark, they know they are dealing with someone who adheres to the industry’s highest ethical standards.

The Different Types of Landmen

Did you know there are different types of landmen? In 2022, AAPL developed an outreach video titled The Path of the Landman — Powering the World to help tell the historical of the land professional and the opportunities that exist for land professionals in the energy industry. View a clip of the video below or watch the complete video on AAPL's YouTube channel.