About AAPL

Award Winners

AAPL Awards recognize members and local associations who achieved the highest standards of excellence in the land profession. Each year, nominations are sent to the Award Committee chair and the winners are selected by an anonymous committee. The awards are then presented at the Annual Meeting.


Award Winners 2020-2021

Lifetime Achievement Award

David W. Miller, CPL
Mississippi Association of Petroleum Landmen

Past Year Honorees

Landman of the Year

Jason T. Maloy, CPL
Dallas Association of Petroleum Landmen

Past Year Honorees

Pioneer Award

Aubrey K. McClendon
Oklahoma City Association of Professional Landmen

Local Association of the Year

Permian Basin Landmen’s Association

Face of the Industry Award

Pioneer Natural Resources Company

Best AAPL Director's Communication

Jason M. South, CPL
Permian Basin Landmen’s Association

Best Member Communication

Jeremy White, RPL
Michael Late Benedum Chapter

Best Newsletter Bulletin Communication - Large Association

Michael Late Benedum Chapter
“The Wildcatter” Vol. 1 Issue 5, August 2020

Best Newsletter Bulletin - Small Association

Mississippi Association of Petroleum Landmen
MAPL October 2020 Newsletter

Largest Growth % of AAPL Membership - Large Association

Dallas Association of Petroleum Landmen

Largest % of AAPL Membership - Large Association

Dallas Association of Petroleum Landmen

Largest % of AAPL Membership - Medium Association

North Houston Association of Professional Landmen

Largest % of AAPL Membership - Small Association

Tri-State Association of Professional Landmen

Special Award - Education

Amanda L. Van Deusen, CPL
Houston Association of Professional Landmen

Special Award - Community Service

Elizabeth B. Miller
Mississippi Association of Petroleum Landmen

Special Award

Joshua P. Gautreau, CPL
Houston Association of Professional Landmen

Outstanding Graduate

Ellarie Sutton
Texas Tech University

Presidential Award

Russell Shinevar, CPL

Presidential Award

Russell Cohen

Past Year Honorees

Lifetime Achievement

2021 David W. Miller, CPL
2020 Harold J. Anderson, CPL/ESA
2019 James P. McGowen, CPL
2018 Steven D. Wentworth, CPL
2017 Donald L. Clark, CPL
2016 Edwin S. Ryan Jr. 
2015 Jack C. Richards, CPL
2014 Alan Morgan, CPL
2013 Phil Jones, CPL
2012 Charles Stanford, CPL
2011 T. Verne Dwyer, CPL
2010  Robert "Bob" Bergfeld, CPL
2009 Harold Carter, CPL
2008 Leon Hirsch, CPL
2007 Jack Sweeney, CPL
2006 Ted Collins, Jr.
2005 Robert J. Martin, CPL
2004 Bob Garst
2003 William M. Majors, Jr., CPL
2002 Kenneth R. Good, CPL
2001 Jack McMillan, CPL
2000 Horace E. Rowold, CPL
1999 Bernard L. House, CPL
1998 James W. Beavers Jr., CPL
1997 Eugene J. Wentworth, CPL
1996 Rowald F. Champion, CPL
1995 Jim L. Hanna, CPL

Landman of the Year

2021 Jason T. Maloy, CPL
2020 Tasha Caple, RPL
2019 Hamel B. Reinmiller, CPL
2018 Carl D. Campbell, CPL
2017 Tiffany C. Pollock, CPL
2016 Mona Ables, CPL
2015 Julie E. Woodard, CPL
2014 Duane Fadness, CPL
2013 Peggy Worthington, CPL
2012 Charles Stanford
2011 Bill Rex, CPL
2010 Ted Lefebvre, CPL
2009 Roger A. Soape, CPL
2008 Vaughn Vennerberg
2007 Eric K. Hanson, CPL
2006 Bernie Ulincy, CPL
2005 Jim R. Dewbre, CPL
2004 Michael A. Ackal Jr., RPL
2003 Katherine "Kitty" S. Chalfant, CPL
2002 Leon Hirsch, CPL
2001 Alan H. Morgan, CPL
2000 Harold J. Anderson, CPL/ESA
1999 M. Don Key, CPL
1998 Kenneth R. Good, CPL
1997 Hellen Reasoner Hutchison, CPL
1996 Jack Sweeney, CPL

Outstanding Graduate

2021 Ellarie Sutton, Texas Tech University
2020 Taylor Stoute, University of Oklahoma
2019 Jared Adams, University of Wyoming
2018 Samuel Mallory, University of Wyoming
2017 Allie Huizenga, Western Colorado University 
2016 Benjamin Gorney, University of Oklahoma
2015 Bryce Cason, University of Tulsa
2014 Jordan Haverly, University of Oklahoma 
2013 Gavin Smith, University of Oklahoma
2012 Hannah Becker, University of Tulsa
2011 Martin Lebrun, University of Tulsa
2010 Samantha Penner, University of Oklahoma
2009 Michael Hammond, University of Oklahoma
2008 Michael Bishop, University of Oklahoma
2007 Ryan Goosen, University of Calgary
2006 John Raines, University of Oklahoma
2005 Keith Needham, University of Oklahoma
2004 Jarod Rolland, University of Oklahoma
2003 Roy Lamoreaux, University of Oklahoma
2003 Lance King, Texas Tech University
2002 Michelle Terry, University of Oklahoma
2001 Lauren Brunken, University of Oklahoma
2000 Shandy Robl, Texas Tech University
1999 Cassandra Vayette, University of Houston - Downtown
1998 Chad Elias, University of Oklahoma
1997 JoAnna Bill, University of Calgary
1996 Nathan MacBey, University of Calgary
1995 Craig Wiest, University of Oklahoma