Active Membership

To become an active member, one must be a land professional as defined by AAPL (definitions are listed at the bottom of this page) and must either have a four-year degree from an accredited college or university or have been continuously engaged as a land professional for four or more years. Active membership requires an active AAPL member to sign as a sponsor on the application and you must agree to abide by AAPL’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Active members have access to:

  • Full membership benefits
  • Right to vote in affairs of AAPL
  • Pursue certification designations (RL, RPL and CPL)
  • Serve as a director and sponsor membership applicants
  • Annual active membership dues are $125

Code of Ethics
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Associate to Active Request

Associate to Active requests should be emailed to membership@landman.org or may be mailed to AAPL.


“Landwork” shall mean the actual performance or supervision of any one or more of the following functions:
 A. Negotiating for the acquisition or divestiture of mineral rights.
 B. Negotiating business agreements that provide for the exploration for and/or development of minerals.
 C. Determining ownership in minerals through the research of public and private records.
 D. Reviewing the status of title, curing title defects, providing title due diligence and otherwise reducing title risk associated with ownership in minerals or the acquisition and divestiture of mineral properties, but shall not include division order or lease analyst functions.
 E. Managing rights and/or obligations derived from ownership of interests in minerals.
 F. Unitizing or pooling of interests in minerals.

“Land Professional” shall mean a person who derives a significant portion of his income as a result of performing landwork.

“Landman” shall mean a Land Professional who is primarily engaged in landwork.