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Logo Neck Gaiter

Like a true nature child, Education Coordinator Brandon Hart was born to be wild — but not careless. When out for joy rides on his Harley, Brandon wears the AAPL face gaiter to protect himself from the sun, wind, dust, insects, COVID and cold. Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options. 

H2GO Force Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle 17oz

The Doctor is in and reminding you to drink some water. Education Administrator Linda Stover, better known by her nickname “Doctor,” stays hydrated all day long by taking her AAPL water bottle everywhere she goes. At least we assume she’s drinking water… Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options. 

Men's Knit Vest

Director of Education and Member Services Stacey Garvin, CPL, could have put this warm vest to work back in the day. Stacey participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City as a trumpet player for the McDonald’s Marching Band. Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options. 

Trucker Hat 112

When she’s not cheering on her beloved Oklahoma Sooners, Certification Administrator Joanne Stoy is home on the range. During the fall and spring, she spends her free time as a ranch hand, where she’ll no doubt have plenty of opportunities to sport the Trucker Hat #112. Giddy up. Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options. 

Weatherproof Infinity Scarf

Sandwiched between her two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Creative Manager Sarah Tinsley is modeling the Infinity Scarf, perfect for keeping comfortable on brisk walks with the pups. Sarah’s family owns six Chessies, all related and all named after Arrested Development characters — Lupe, Maeby, Lucille, Marta and Tobias — with the exception of newly adopted Goliath. Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options. 

YETI Rambler 14oz

“I’ll take ‘Perfectly Poised’ for 1,000, Alex.” Taylor Rowland is the epitome of composure, which is no surprise given her Lebanese heritage. Hospitality just comes naturally. Whether she’s planning a wedding during a pandemic or traveling around the country hosting our education events, Taylor does it all with style and grace… with a little help from the coffee in her AAPL YETI rambler. Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options. 

Men’s Striped Member Mark Polo

Modeling our polo is Chad Smith. He and his new wife Sabrina regularly golf — just one of the ways they enjoy the great outdoors together. On his journey to becoming our graphic design associate, Chad graduated from the Police Academy, which is a touch ironic seeing as he once caught on fire. Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options. 


Step & Repeat Dress Socks

Our Senior Accountant Matt Clubb graduated from Louisiana Tech in 2010 with an accounting degree — the same year his grandfather, who years earlier left school to serve in the Korean War, earned an associate’s degree from Oklahoma Panhandle State University. While we’re doubling down, here’s another fun fact about Matt; he’s also a twin. Is that actually Matt sporting the Step and Repeat socks? The world may never know. Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options.

Zippered Padfolio

Wrangling cats is no easy task, but Greta Zeimetz makes it look easy by scratching meticulous notes in her AAPL padfolio. With pockets for laser pointers and treats, she’s always prepared to keep her staff focused and happy. Rumor has it Greta’s favorite song is Honky Cat by Elton John, a jam she probably spun plenty of times during her gig as a classic rock radio station DJ. (How can you stop when your feet say go?) Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options.


Launch Performance Hat

Andrea Spencer was an easy choice to model the Launch Performance Hat. She was voted “Most Spirited” in high school, so she’s a natural at repping brands. As an avid runner, she knows quality active wear when she sees it. Andrea, our production/communications manager, is our resident Energizer Bunny and is a regular top contender for best Halloween costume every year (and yes, she once dressed as the famous hare mascot). Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options.

Circle Glass Ornament

'Tis the season to sparkle! Bring more holiday cheer to your tree with our new Circle Glass Ornament. A strand of silver thread makes it easy to hang this fantastic keepsake and showcase your commitment to your association. Grab one for yourself or gift one to friends and coworkers. Visit the Merchandise Store for purchasing options.