Professional Development


Recognized throughout the industry as indicators of competency, proficiency and professionalism, AAPL offers three certifications proven to enhance a member's credibility in the industry and to increase earning potential for landmen. Recent compensation survey results indicate certified individuals earn more than those without certification.

Maintaining Certification Education 

Prepare To Apply

Before beginning the online application process, please read the following:

  1. Review requirements in the chart below and determine the level of certification in which you are qualified.
  2. Order official university or college transcript (not required for RL or RPL, unless degree will be used to fulfill required credit years).
  3. Identify sponsors who can collectively verify your full work history to meet the minimum required credit years. You will need to submit each sponsor’s member number.
  4. Complete the affidavit for RL, RPL or CPL application. 
  5. Register for the required RPL or CPL exam after the application has been approved by the Certification Committee. 
  6. Applications may be edited by returning to this page and clicking the "Apply” button. Do not edit applications after submitting payment.
  7. Certification application fees are non-refundable.
Qualification Questionnaire  
Application Affidavit

Certification Requirements



Registered Professional

Certified Professional

Active Membership At Present 1 Year 1 Year
Degree Requirement N/A None, if primarily engaged in landwork for immediate past 4 years Bachelor's Degree
"Credit Year" Requirement – Must be Engaged in Landwork for: At Present 5 total credit years     (immediate past 2 years primarily engaged in landwork if applying with bachelor's degree or 4 years without a bachelor's degree) 10 total credit years (immediate past 2 years primarily engaged in landwork)
Max No. of Education "Credit Years" N/A 3 credit years 5 credit years
Sponsor Requirement 1 RPL or CPL 2 (1 RPL and 1 CPL or 2 CPLs) 3 CPLs
Testing Home Study Guide and Exam A score of 70 or above on all parts of exam A score of 70 or above on all parts of exam