Senior Membership

Upon application submission and approval by the Board of Directors, senior membership may be granted to any Active Member who is at least 65 years of age, has at least 15 years active experience in landwork and has been an AAPL Active Member for the 15 consecutive years immediately preceding the submission of the application for senior membership status. Senior Members pay a reduced amount of dues and enjoy all the privileges of an Active Member.

Senior members have access to:

  • Full membership benefits
  • Right to vote in affairs of AAPL
  • Pursue certification designations (RL, RPL and CPL)
  • Serve as a director and sponsor membership applicants
  • Annual active membership dues are $60

Code of Ethics
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Retired CPL

For those CPLs who are 55 years or older, have recertified their CPL twice before, and have retired, but desire to continue to be considered a CPL pursuant to AAPL’s Certification Program Specifications we offer a Retired CPL Designation. 

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