About AAPL

Who We Are

Standing up for your interests

Ethical standards. Legislative advocacy. Career advancement. Professional support. Industry events. Our members count on the American Association of Professional Landmen to play an active, effective role in our industry. And we deliver.

We’re proud of the influence we’ve had on the industry, and on the impact we’ve had on our members and their careers. Through our educational events and certification program, we’ve been able to help members reach a level of professional knowledge, competence and achievement that sets them apart from the crowd.

With close to 12,000 members, AAPL serves as a guiding resource to support landmen as they continue their education in our ever-evolving world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the highest standards and ethics of performance for all land professionals and to encourage sound stewardship of all energy and mineral resources.

Our Values

Through relevant information, comprehensive education and targeted networking, we assist land professionals in deepening their industry knowledge, elevating their careers and, ultimately, creating new business opportunities.

Our Value Statement

AAPL values the diversity of its members, leaders, volunteers and staff. As an association, we strive to learn and grow by seeking to understand and accept each person for their own uniqueness and contributions. AAPL has committed to making diversity and inclusion a priority by forming a Diversity and Inclusion Executive Council. The Council ensures that all areas of the association welcome diverse individuals and their viewpoints because we know that together, we are better.

Our Six Strategic Goals

The following strategic goals have been identified to ensure AAPL has alignment throughout every area of the association — from leaders to volunteers to staff. Members can expect to see plans for achieving these goals in subsequent issues of the magazine and other communications.

Goal #1: Excellence
Advance the culture and structure of AAPL to ensure excellence.

Goal #2: Education
Position AAPL as the go-to resource for information, certification and training.

Goal #3: Value
Deliver and promote world-class member value to attract and retain membership.

Goal #4: Diversity and Inclusion
Build and foster an inclusive and diverse organization that is representative of both cultural and professional diversity in membership and leadership.

Goal #5: Advocacy
Promote the profession through elevating the voices of land professionals.

Goal #6: Sustainability
Ensure the financial security and longevity of the association.

Why You Should Join

You’re serious about your profession. So are we. When you join AAPL, you open a host of options for creating more business opportunities, enhancing your reputation, and advancing your role in the industry.

In 2022, AAPL developed an outreach video titled The Path of the Landman — Powering the World to help tell the historical and hopeful story of the land professional and energy industry. View a clip of the video below or watch the complete video on AAPL's YouTube channel