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AAPL offers many ways to get involved. Learn how you can be part of leading and shaping the future of the association.

Board of Directors

The AAPL Board of Directors is composed of elected officers, the immediate past president and one director who represents each affiliated local association. Canada is allowed two directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for general management of the affairs of AAPL within the scope of the Bylaws.

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Officer election, duties and responsibilities are included in AAPL’s Bylaws and Policies. Officers are elected annually by Active members of the association. Officers serve a one-year term and take office on July 1 of the year elected. The Nominating Committee solicits nominations for officer positions from December 1 through January 10. The first vice president in the current year is nominated for the presidency the following year.  

  • First Vice President
  • Second Vice President
  • Third Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

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AAPL committee members serve the president and are required to be Active Members. Committee members are appointed for three-year staggered terms.  Members may apply for appointment annually between January and March for the following fiscal year which begins on July 1. 

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Accreditation Committee

Mission: The mission of the Accreditation Committee is to evaluate existing degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate, offered by universities associated with landwork or complementary to land professionals who request and work through the current AAPL accreditation process. The AC is to provide a recommendation to the AAPL Executive Committee for final determination. The AC does not hold any authority for implementing or determining a programs status; the Executive Committee maintains full authority for accrediting programs. 

Activities: Members participate in monthly conference calls and the initial evaluation and ongoing evaluation of potential and existing programs. Members may be required to travel to new or existing programs in order to complete onsite evaluations on behalf of AAPL. The AC participates in at least one meeting held at AAPL headquarters in Fort Worth in the month of January with representatives of all accredited programs.

Mentorship Program Committee

Mission: The mission of the Mentorship Program Committee is to facilitate learning and development within the land profession by using technology to link experienced land professionals with members who are new to the profession, want to enhance their skills in areas of new focus or just need preliminary direction in starting a new project. This program will enable members to seek voluntary, non-legal advice, learn from each other on the topics of their choice and utilize technology to maximize mentor relationships. The only cost is an individual’s time, commitment and desire for the educational enhancement of the membership.

Activities: The committee will review and link advisors with participants of the program. Committee members will monitor and ensure the advisor-participant relationship and corresponding activities are progressing in a productive way and assist as needed. Attendance in regular, monthly meetings is needed to ensure all are aligned and the program is functioning as intended.

Annual Meeting Committee

Mission: The Annual Meeting Committee provides strategic direction and input to the development of the meeting program and activities to ensure that members have the opportunity to further their education and participate in social and business networking opportunities at this annual event. 

Activities: Members should plan to attend the Annual Meeting in order to support the activities and programs. Members meet six to seven times annually by teleconference. Each committee members commits to soliciting and encouraging financial sponsors for the event. The education portion of the program is determined by the Education Committee.

Awards Committee

Mission: The Awards Committee reviews the nominations received for the AAPL annual award that recognizes local associations and members in various award categories.

Activites: The chairman solicits award recommendations from AAPL officers, directors, other committee chairmen, local association presidents and members. The committee reviews the nominations against the award criteria and selects the recipients at its February committee meeting usually held annually in conjunction with NAPE Summit in Houston. The chairman reports its determinations to the Executive Committee at the March Board of Directors meeting. The chairman recognizes and presents the awards to recipients at Annual Meeting each year. 

Certification Committee

Mission: The Certification Committee’s mission is to promote the recognition and certification of the professional status of landmen.

Activities: The committee generally meets monthly by teleconference. A committee member must be a Certified Professional Landman and be able to download/access AAPL’s Personify Membership System to review and approve certification applications. Committee members may review in excess of 50 applications monthly. The committee may also choose to develop new examinations, which requires additional time commitments over and above certification application review. Members may be required to attend hearings for certification appeals with the AAPL Executive Committee. 

Education Committee

Mission: The committee will strive to improve the professional development and competence of land professionals. It will further the body of knowledge of energy and mineral land management through research and publication. 

Activites: The committee provides three regional institutes per year, monitors the quality and subject matter of each program, coordinates and plan for the Annual Meeting education program, ensures incorporation of ethics in each program, distributes an education program at least quarterly, annually revises the critical skills list to assist in program development and ensure consistency in content, establishes and maintains quarterly communication with local associations and holds joint meeting annually with the Certification Committee to discuss mutual objectives and new educational programming.

Ethics Committee

Mission: The Ethics Committee is responsible for upholding the ethical standards of AAPL by making recommendations to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for appropriate action. The committee is responsible for adjudicating alleged member ethical breaches and may recommend or take discipline action depending on the nature of the breach.

Activities: The committee will review all ethics violation allegations. It may conduct hearings and determine appropriate disciplinary action or recommendation to be presented to the Executive Committee. The committee meets monthly by teleconference. Members are encouraged to attend all hearings in person, which may be held one to two times annually, in Fort Worth, at AAPL’s office.

Field Landman Committee

Mission: The Field Landman Committee’s mission is to promote and encourage professionalism, uncompromising ethical conduct, certification and continuing education for field landmen.

Activities: The committee participates in up to one teleconference monthly, plans, organizes and assist with at least one Field Landman educational event and assists with establishing budgets, dates, locations and subject matter for Field Landman Seminars. 

Forms Committee

Mission: This committee shall promote uniformity and good and ethical business practices by developing and encouraging the use of AAPL approved forms. 

Activities: As requested by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, review current forms to ascertain their current validity and make recommendations and revisions as deemed necessary; Committee meetings may occur monthly by telephone conference; Committee members may draft new forms and/ or review new draft form agreements; Have a working knowledge and encourage the use of Contract Center, the AAPL’s preferred platform for distributing its approved forms

Legislative and Regulatory Committee

Mission: The mission of the Legislative and Regulatory Committee is to ensure AAPL's awareness and involvement in the promulgation, direction, implementation and administration of national, state and local legislative and regulatory issues impacting the land profession, while maintaining the integrity of AAPL's mission and advancing the stature of the land professional.

Marketing Committee

Mission: The mission of the Marketing Committee is to promote membership to non-member landmen, students and those associated with and supporting landmen’s work, promote retention of members, promote the benefits of certification and advanced educational opportunities, promote special projects created or approved by the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors and promote the association to the general public, the public’s awareness of AAPL’s values and the domestic energy industry.

Activities: The committee coordinates with the Industry and Public Relations Committee on marketing efforts created or approved by the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors related to specific public policy issues, assists in formulating and recommending to the Executive Committee marketing campaigns to accomplish the committee’s mission and objectives, provides oversight to the execution of AAPL marketing campaigns, monitors other industry organizations marketing campaigns to which AAPL provides financial support and reports quarterly the status and results of marketing campaigns and plans to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Membership Committee

Mission: The mission of the Membership Committee is to recruit new members and retain existing members through specialized membership drives and other programs to build up AAPL’s membership base.

Activities: The committee develops, conducts, analyzes and presents the AAPL Compensation Survey when requested by the Board of Directors, conducts campaigns for additional new members, maintains an up-to-date membership status, establishes lines of communication with local association membership and committee chairmen. Coordinate with the Board of Directors and local association membership chairmen to encourage promotion of membership and membership renewals, informs the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the membership status, ensures that regional directors are cognizant of current membership requirements and standards, maintains current of land professional demographics and needs, reviews annually, and makes changes if required, to the membership questionnaire to identify land profession issues and desired benefits of association membership, conducts surveys of non-renewing members to determine the reasons for non-renewal, continues to encourage local association members to become AAPL members and get involved in AAPL and promotes AAPL to all college students in AAPL accredited programs at universities to promote student memberships.

In coordination with the Marketing Committee, the committee also disseminates membership promotional materials to non-members which focus on ethics enforcement, publications, educational programs/materials and programs/activities to enhance professionalism and industry networking.

NAPE Operators Committee

Mission: Provide for successful NAPE Expo and NAPE Charities events. Provide input, recommendations and guidance to NAPE and AAPL staff and NAPE Management LLC on strategic issues involving NAPE Expo events and NAPE Charities fundraising activities and events.

Activities: The committee approves an annual budget for NAPE Expo and recommends NAPE Chairities annual budget to the NAPE Charities Board of Directors, recommends the NAPE Charities Luncheon speaker to the NAPE Charities Board, secures the Charity luncheon speaker and the sponsorship donations, coordinates the NAPE Ambassador Program, ensures delivery of NAPE events and Charity Luncheon within approved budgets and, as requested and required, provides information on NAPE Expo and NAPE Charities activities and financial results to NAPE Management LLC.

Nominating Subcommittee

Mission: The committee is responsible for recommending a slate of officers for the next annual officer election to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. 

Activities: The chairman of the committee appoints the members of the committee for a term of one year and should appoint one person from each region but, in no event should less than six regions be represented. The names of the Nominating Subommittee members are to be kept confidential.

The committee recommends the candidates in writing to the Board, at the March Board meeting and is responsible for obtaining a photograph and biographical information on each nominee for announcement/publication prior to the balloting process.

Public Lands Committee

Mission: The committee’s mission is to provide input, recommendations and guidance to AAPL positions regarding public lands’ issues

Activities: The committee researches public lands issues and recommend pro-active positions, represents AAPL's positions to the Independent Petroleum Association of America and the American Petroleum Institute and the Midcontinent Oil and Gas Association, develops ongoing relationships with state and federal agencies. (i.e., National Public Land Advisory Council, National Parks System Advisory Board, Bureau of Land Management, and the Forest Service) and publicizes AAPL positions to the membership.

Publications Committee

Mission: The mission of the Publications Committee is to aid in the retrieval of relevant content for AAPL publications, in particular, the Landman magazine.

Activities: The committee seeks and submit potential articles for publication and reviews articles and provides feedback regarding content.

Tax Issues Committee

Mission: The mission of the Tax Issues Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on all tax and labor regulations and laws that may positively or negatively impact members and the land profession in general. The mission also includes pursuing and maintaining reference materials and educational resources to advance the cause of landmen and provide support to AAPL members who may be under review by government tax and labor audits.

Technology Committee

Mission: The mission of the Technology Committee is to provide oversight on matters involving information technology. The committee is responsible for recommending the strategic direction for the application and use of information technology for the association. The committee serves as the information technology resource for the association.

Activities: The committee promotes the use of technology, recommends information technology policies, procedures and standards, reviews and recommends information technology priorities for the Association and provides oversight and monitoring of technology implementation projects.