About AAPL


AAPL committees and task forces serve at the pleasure of the president to aid and assist in carrying out duties and responsibilities.

All committee members and task force members including chairmen, assistant chairmen and industry representatives are required to be Active AAPL members.

AAPL committee chairmen, task force chairmen and associated representatives are appointed by the AAPL president-elect at least 30 days prior to the members’ Annual Meeting. If a vacancy occurs, the AAPL president will name the chairman's replacement within 30 days.

AAPL committee members are appointed by the AAPL president after consulting with the following individuals at their discretion:

  • The outgoing committee chairman
  • The incoming committee chairman
  • The first vice president

For continuity purposes, AAPL committee members shall be appointed for a three-year staggered term. Should a vacancy occur, the AAPL president shall appoint a replacement to fill the unexpired term.

Accreditation Committee

Committee Chairman: Gavin James Smith, CPL

Annual Meeting Committee

Committee Chairman: Hunter Buchert, RPL

Awards Committee

Committee Chairman: K. Wade Pollard, CPL

Bylaws & Policy Manual Review Committee

Committee Chairman: Travis Beavers, CPL

Certification Committee

Committee Chairman: Kevin R. McNally, CPL

Certification Education Committee

Committee Chairman: James J. Hull, CPL

Council of Past Presidents (COPP)

Committee Chairman: Jack C. Richards, CPL

Education Development Committee

Committee Chairman: Mark DeVrient, RPL

Ethics Committee

Committee Chairman: Katherine S. Chalfant, CPL

Field Landman Committee

Committee Chairman: Evan F. Williams, CPL

Finance Committee

Committee Chairman: Nancy C. McCaskell, CPL

Forms Committee

Committee Chairman: Eli Huffman, CPL

Governmental Affairs Committee

Committee Chairman: Mark DeVrient, RPL

Membership Committee

Committee Chairman: Michael Pisciotte, CPL

Mentorship Committee

Committee Chairman: Kyndall Leone, CPL

NAPE Advisory Board

Committee Chairman: Lester A. Zitkus, CPL

NAPE Management Committee

Committee Chairman: J. Brooks Yates, CPL

NAPE Operators Committee

Committee Chairman: Cranford D. Newell Jr., CPL

Nominating Subcommittee

Committee Chairman: James T. Devlin, CPL

Publications Committee

Committee Chairman: Joe Munsey, RPL

Strategic Planning Committee

Committee Chairman: Nancy C. McCaskell, CPL

Technology Committee

Committee Chairman: James M. Spillers, CPL


Join a Committee

We value your membership and your commitment to establishing and maintaining a culture of the highest ethical and professional standards as land professionals. There are opportunities to be of service to our membership and profession through AAPL’s affiliated local associations and at the national level through AAPL’s many committees and boards.

Appointments are made between January and March for the following fiscal year which begins on July 1. AAPL Active Members may express interest in serving on a committee by completing an application. While not required, please include one or more AAPL members as references if applicable. Appointments to serve on a committee are at the discretion of AAPL’s first vice president. 

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Board Member Appointments

The board of directors shall be composed of elected officers of the AAPL, the immediate past president, and one director from each affiliated local association except Canada, which shall be allowed two directors.

The board of directors is responsible for general management of the affairs of AAPL within the scope of the bylaws. Responsibility is exercised primarily by establishing broad objectives and policies governing both short-term and long-range objectives. Specific objectives and policies may originate from deliberation of the board itself or may result from consideration of recommendations by committees, subcommittees or by the president and other officers. 

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