Professional Development

Maintaining Certification

CPLs, RPLs and RLs are required to participate in AAPL-approved educational programs and complete a recertification process to maintain their designations.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing Education

Required Education Credits

  • RL - 5 industry-related continuing education credits per year 
  • RPL - 25 continuing education credits every 5-year period (must include 2 ethics) 
  • CPL - 50 continuing education credits every 5-year period (must include 2 ethics) 
  • CPL/ESA - 50 continuing education credits every 5-year period (includes 2 ethics and 15 CPL/ESA) 
  • Retired CPL - exempt from required education credit

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Required Active Landwork

Continuous involvement in landwork is required unless a CPL has an AAPL-approved Retired CPL designation.

Member in Good Standing

AAPL members must adhere to the AAPL Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Recertification Process for RL, RPL, CPL and CPL/ESA

In addition to completing the applicable continuing education credits, a recertification application and fee must be submitted every five years for RPLs, CPLs and CPL/ESAs.

RLs do not need to apply for recertification. They will be recertified automatically if they have earned their 5 continuing education credits.

RPL Recertification CPL Recertification CPL/ESA Recertification