Professional Development


To evaluate the professional expertise of the candidate, a comprehensive examination dealing with several areas of landwork is utilized. Extensive landwork knowledge and experience is required to pass the CPL examination; however, it is not expected that a landman be an expert in every area. The RPL examination is similar to the CPL examination but less comprehensive. The RL exam consists of a take home study guide and exam.

Exam Preparation

The Oil & Gas CPL/RPL Study Guide and Oil & Gas Land Review Video may be purchased at any time.

Purchase the Oil & Gas CPL/RPL Study Guide Purchase the Oil & Gas Land Review Video


Upon application approval, RPLs and CPLs have one year to take the intiial exam.

Register for the AAPL RPL/CPL Certification Exam upon application approval.  

Exams are offered regionally throughout the year and may be scheduled at AAPL's office at any time.

Registration is not required for the RL exam. Applicants will receive the exam on approval of the RL application by the Certification Committee. 

Register for a CPL or RPL Exam

Required Passing Score

Successful completion of the exam requires a minimum grade of 70 on each section.


An applicant may retest up to two times on all or any part(s) of the exam within the following time period from the date of the initial exam:

  • RPL – within 1 year
  • CPL – within 2 years

Failure to pass all exam parts within the applicable time period, will result in the applicant being required to begin a new application process.

Retests may be taken at AAPL’s office, an official testing site or at any site with regionally approved proctors. 

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Contact us by phone at 817-847-7700 or email certification@landman.org.

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