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So, What is a Landman?

A landman is the public-facing (business) side of an energy exploration and production team.

Whether working as a company landman, field landman or land consultant, a landman is the first to make contact with landowners and communities. A landman negotiates deals and trades requisite for exploration and development of minerals and other energy resources like wind and solar. A landman’s knowledge and expertise are crucial to the entire life cycle of an energy project.

Opportunity for Career Growth

Per our 2022 membership survey, 34% of AAPL members who are active in the land profession plan to retire within 5 years, creating a need for new talent. Young professionals will be able to climb the corporate ladder quickly as an in-house landman or acquire desirable projects easily as an independent. Industry tools have evolved with technology and often allow for flexible, hybrid work schedules. There has never been a better time to enter the land profession!

Opportunity to Impact

Land professionals can grow their careers through the traditional oil and gas sector or, with the help of AAPL oïerings like the Renewable Energy Certificate Program, flourish through wind, carbon capture, solar and other renewable energy projects. The land profession brings wealth and jobs to a community and plays a vital part in powering the industry that powers the world.

Financial Opportunity

Working in the land profession has proven to be one of the most rewarding career paths. In 2017 the land profession was ranked as the 3rd top job in America by CNN Money. In 2021, AAPL members reported an average total compensation of $139,442 — an increase of 28% from 2019 and the highest since our compensation survey began. Additionally, survey results indicate certified individuals earn more than those without certification.


Accredited Programs

AAPL provides curriculum guidance and program support for 11 undergraduate and five graduate-level programs from 13 prestigious institutions of higher learning across the United States. AAPL oïers free AAPL student memberships, free AAPL education courses and eligibility to apply for the AAPL Outstanding Graduate Award, among other benefits.

Students enrolled in programs at these schools receive free student memberships courtesy of the Landman Scholarship Trust.

Scholarship Information

Since its inception, the Landman Scholarship Trust has awarded over $2 million in student scholarships. Each year the LST awards cash scholarships to qualified and deserving undergraduate and graduate AAPL Student Members from colleges or universities, which offer an active and accredited curriculum in Natural Resources Management or similar curriculum who wish to further their training in professional land work, Natural Resources Management or associated occupations.



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