Professional Development


AAPL’s certification designations signify to the energy community, as well as the public at large, that the holder adheres to the very highest ethical conduct and standards of practice. The Certification and Ethics committees rely on sponsors — the people who personally know the individual’s work ethic and landwork history — to ensure an applicant has the proven track record to earn the designation as well as the experience and professionalism to represent all it implies.

Qualifications to Sponsor

  • You must be a member in good standing
  • Have personally known the applicant for longer than 6 months, unless the sponsor is an AAPL Board Member who holds a certification designation. 
  • Cannot be a family member of the applicant.


  • Affirm the applicant meets the qualifications for the certification level.
  • Attest to the personal, professional and ethical standards befitting certification.
  • Attest to the applicant's work experience, including type, quantity and quality.
  • Sponsor must complete the applicable sponsor verification form, (CPL Sponsor Form, RPL Sponsor Form, RL Sponsor Form), and upload it to the member's application within two weeks.


Visit our FAQ page or contact us by phone at 817-847-7700 or send an email to certification@landman.org.