About AAPL


Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, AAPL is led by its member-elected executive committee, board of directors and dedicated staff. For the most up-to-date contact information, log in to view the Membership Directory.

If you are not a member, please contact AAPL at aapl@landman.org or (817) 847-7700.

Membership Directory

Executive Committee

Carl D. Campbell, CPL

Carl D. Campbell, CPL

Alamo Resources LLC

J. Brooks Yates, CPL

J. Brooks Yates, CPL

First Vice President
Peregrine Petroleum Partners Ltd.

Michelle Phillips, CPL

Michelle Phillips, CPL

Second Vice President
Lime Rock Resources

Michael A. Pisciotte, CPL

Michael A. Pisciotte, CPL

Third Vice President
Murfin Drilling Company, Inc.

Austin Frye, CPL

Austin Frye, CPL

Silverback Exploration II LLC

Kelly Kessler, CPL

Kelly Kessler, CPL

Land Consultant

James T. Devlin, CPL

James T. Devlin, CPL

Immediate Past President
Lincoln Energy Company

Regional Directors

Alaska: Jason Lyons, RPL

Ark-La-Tex: Paul Wood, CPL

Austin: Kyle Dubiel

Bakersfield: Christin L. Faber, RPL

Baton Rouge: John Bullock, CPL

Canada: Shaun Williams

Canada: Janice Redmond

Corpus Christi: Nicole Maxwell, CPL

Dallas: Brian K. Tolson Jr., RPL

Denver: P. Kelly Muldoon, CPL

East Texas: Lucy Wathen, CPL

Fort Smith: Griffin Hanna

Fort Worth: Michael "Mike" B. Gregory, CPL

Houston: Christine J. Touchstone, CPL

Lafayette: Richard A. Hines, CPL

Los Angeles: Jason M. Downs, RPL

Michael Late Benedum: Britney A. Crookshanks, CPL

Michigan: Russell Shinevar, CPL

Mississippi: Wesley T. Day, CPL

Montana: John R. Lee, RPL

Nevada: Adam B. Stelar, CPL

New Mexico: Jared A. Hembree

New Orleans: Benjamin J. Waring, CPL

North Dakota: Kate Black

North Houston: Travis W. Beavers, CPL

North Texas: Terry Caves, CPL

Oklahoma City: Robert Rice, CPL

Panhandle: Bruce E. Payne, CPL

Permian Basin: Clay Whitehead, CPL

San Antonio: Benjamin Holliday

San Juan Basin: Matthew Gray, CPL

Southern Appalachian: Dan Kostrub

Southern Oklahoma: Lars Noble, CPL

Tri-State: Jess A. Rowe, CPL

Tulsa: Denton Smith, RPL

Utah: Robert H. Wilson III, RPL

West Houston: Curtis D. Horne, CPL

Wichita: Will Boone, CPL

Wyoming: Cameron Corbett, CPL

Board Member Appointments

The board of directors is composed of elected officers of AAPL, the immediate past president and one director from each affiliated local association except Canada, which shall be allowed two directors.

The board is responsible for general management of the affairs of AAPL within the scope of the bylaws. Responsibility is exercised primarily by establishing broad objectives and policies governing both short-term and long-range objectives. Specific objectives and policies may originate from deliberation of the board itself or may result from consideration of recommendations by committees, subcommittees or by the president and other officers.

Local Associations