Advocacy and Legal

AAPL is committed to addressing critical legislative, regulatory and judicial issues that shape public policy in the federal, state and local spheres and directly affect landwork and land professionals. 

Advocacy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee Misclassification/Tax Issues
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law Issues
  • Federal Rule-Making Issues
  • Amicus Legal Brief Preparation 
  • Legislation to Benefit Landmen

AAPL informs members of breaking news and timely analysis of emerging legislative, regulatory, judicial and tax matters that affect landmen and land professionals. Advocacy services include member access to the AAPL Governmental Affairs Weekly Report which keeps members in-the-know on important government relations issues.

Licensing and Registration

Check to see which states have landman licensing and/or registration requirements.  

Government Affairs Reports

Check Landnews to read the latest AAPL Governmental Affairs Weekly Report. 


AAPL offers members access to the Independent Contractor Tax Toolkit, a comprehensive, one-stop source for important tax law information for independent landmen. Throughout the toolkit you will find videos and articles on how to model your business to comply with tax regulations, how to prepare if you're facing an audit, and a state-by-state guide on tax and independent contractor laws throughout the U.S. You may also access the AAPL Landman Survey conducted to determine if independent landmen are generally treated as independent contractors within the oil and gas industry and to collect information about the services that AAPL provides.