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Blankenship Family Horizon Award Form

The AAPL Educational Foundation established the Blankenship Family Horizon Award in 2019 to recognize a trailblazing female land professional who is a leader in our industry and has distinguished herself within the industry, in her career and has supported AAPL and its mission.

Former AAPL President Wayne Blankenship, CPL (1975), provided funds to AAPL in the early ’90s to support women's auxiliaries in memory of his wife, Mary K. Blankenship. This grand gesture from Wayne to his late wife, Mary, continues on with the presentation of the Horizon award. 

Award Criteria: 

  • An exceptional female land professional broadly respected throughout the industry and an established role model for land professional
  • Current or former Active Member of AAPL, holding or having held a recognized AAPL certification
  • Representing professionalism and the AAPL Code of Ethics to the highest standard
  • Strategically responding to fundamental challenges or opportunities regarding or related to land professionals in the industry
  • Elevated appraisal will be credited to candidates that have demonstrated commitment, effort and progress towards elevating and expanding the role of female land professionals and their development within in the industry.

Nomination Process: Complete the Blankenship Family Horizon Award Nomination Form listed below. If the form is not viewable, nominations have concluded for the year and are no longer being accepted at this time. 

Selection Process: 

  • The selection of award winners will be accomplished by a vote of the Selection Committee which shall consist of the current officers and directors of the Educational Foundation and up to the past seven award winners.   
  • The winning nominee will be decided by a simple majority vote of a quorum of the Selection Committee present at a meeting scheduled by the Foundation President.  A quorum shall be accomplished by 60% of the persons seated on the Selection Committee.  The meeting to determine the award winner may be conducted in person or by telephone.

Additional Notes: The award is a non-monetary award. Each award presentation will also include an education component.

Previous Winners: Pamela Feist, CPL (2019), Nancy McCaskell, CPL (2020), Katherine Chalfant, CPL (2021), Beverly Cunningham (2022), Iris Bradley, CPL/ESA (2023)

Please include a statement of how the nominee meets or exceeds the award criteria for the Blankenship Family Horizon Award. Please include any additional files, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF and JPG.
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