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Local Association Grant Request

This form may only be used by local associations to request assistance for attending the AAPL 68th Annual Meeting & Professional Development Land Conference and participating in the Best Practices Education event and networking exhibit area throughout the conference. Mission: Grants awarded by the AAPL Educational Foundation, Inc. (Foundation) are intended to help fund projects and programs that (i) support the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL), (ii) promote education, instruction, and training for the members of the AAPL to improve or develop their capabilities, (iii) instruct the public on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community, and (iv) further the advancement of education. Should you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Deanna Young at AAPL, by telephone at: (817) 847-7700 or by email: dyoung@landman.org.

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Nepotism Statement: State law requires applicants to identify any relation(s) to current directors, officers, or employees of either the A.A.P.L. Educational Foundation, Inc. or the American Association of Professional Landmen.