AAPL Identifies Six Strategic Goals

The following strategic goals have been identified to ensure AAPL has alignment throughout every area of the association — from leaders to volunteers to staff. Members can expect to see plans for achieving these goals in subsequent issues of the magazine and other communications.

Goal #1: Excellence
Advance the culture and structure of AAPL to ensure excellence.

Goal #2: Education
Position AAPL as the go-to resource for information, certification and training.

Goal #3: Value
Deliver and promote world-class member value to attract and retain membership.

Goal #4: Diversity and Inclusion
Build and foster an inclusive and diverse organization that is representative of both cultural and professional diversity in membership and leadership.

Goal #5: Advocacy
Promote the profession through elevating the voices of land professionals.

Goal #6: Sustainability
Ensure the financial security and longevity of the association.


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