AAPL Joins AXPC and Other Industry Groups in LNG Export Letter

U.S. Department of Energy LNG Export Restrictions

On Jan. 24, AAPL joined the American Exploration and Production Council, American Petroleum Institute, Independent Petroleum Association of America, and dozens of other industry and trade groups “in urging the Biden administration to reject calls to halt permits for U.S. LNG export facilities.” In a letter to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Granholm, “the groups emphasized the critical role that continued U.S. LNG exports play in safeguarding national security, creating U.S. jobs, supporting our European allies and contributing to global climate goals.”

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The letter comes on the heels of the Biden administration signaling it may impose limits on permitting approvals for U.S. LNG infrastructure and exports to meet certain climate change goals. As stressed in the letter, “Our industry is proud to support our allies and global emissions goals, but the geopolitical and climate benefits of American energy exports cannot be maintained with a regulatory regime that moves at the whims of political pressure. We urge you to reject calls for DOE to prolong the review period or create new hurdles as it considers approvals for new LNG projects and terminals.”

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