Student Resources

One of the most valuable things we can do for our industry is offer guidance and support to our next generation of land professionals. We invite all students interested in landwork to look into the programs below. 

The Landman Scholarship Trust

The Landman Scholarship Trust is a non-profit trust created by AAPL in 1959 for educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Since its inception, the Trust has awarded over $2 million in student scholarships.

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Student Scholarships

Each year the Trust awards cash scholarships to qualified and deserving undergraduate and graduate students from colleges or universities which offer an active and accredited curriculum in Natural Resources Management or similar curriculum who wish to further their training in professional land work, Natural Resources Management or associated occupations.

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AAPL Accredited Colleges and Universities

Outstanding Graduate Award

The Trust encourages all students to excel in their educational endeavors.  To further this mission, the Trust recognizes an Outstanding Graduate each year from among the graduates of AAPL’s accredited college or university programs who is pursuing a career as a landman and has demonstrated great leadership in their work, extracurricular activities and their student landmen’s association. 

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Student Membership in AAPL

Each year the Trust funds the annual AAPL membership fee for all students attending an AAPL accredited college or university program.

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Cash Awards to Colleges and Universities

Trustees are also authorized to award cash contributions to colleges or universities which offer an active and accredited curriculum in Natural Resources Management or similar curriculum if used to promote interest in the curriculum or for related student activities.


Applications for the Outstanding Graduate Award are accepted each year by January 11. Applications for student scholarships are accepted each year by February 1. Applications for cash awards may be submitted at any time. To obtain a student scholarship application, an Outstanding Graduate Award application or an application for a cash award, please contact AAPL at (817) 847-7700 or send an email to aapl@landman.org.

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Scholarship & Award Recipients

The Trust is pleased to announce the following outstanding graduate and student scholarship recipients for the 2019-2020 academic year:


Award Recipients

2019 Outstanding Graduate
Taylor Stoute  - University of Oklahoma

2019 Outstanding Graduate Finalists
Ross Keller – Marietta College
Muneeb Yousufi – University of Tulsa
Quintin Little – West Virginia University

Scholarship Recipients

Colorado Mesa University 
Connor Triest
Jordan Larsen
Thomas Carey
Sophia Anderson
Jared Franklin

Marietta College 
Aaron Peterman

Oklahoma City University 
James Alexander

University of Louisiana Lafayette
Daniel Wahlen
Gloria Mitchell

Texas Tech University 
Ashley Leopold
Stephan George
Daniel Castillo
Peyton Steele
Ellarie Sutton
Chase Waldrip

University of Oklahoma 
Nicholas Anderson
Rachel Beason
Reese Icenogle
Samuel Perkins
Chaz Lidia
Ariana Rodrigues
Sophia Sallee
Paul Kelley
Savannah Pyle
Claire Jackson

University of Oklahoma - Law
Victoria Keller
Frederick Frederick

University of Tulsa 
Brett Bowman
Mary McClure
Mason Mulry
Elisabeth Graf
Luc Lignieres
Felipe Zapater
George Enterline
Michael Carson
Riley Glass
Matthew Rhoads

University of Tulsa - Grad
Jeramiah Cooper
Justin Rutherford

University of Wyoming 
Paige Trent
Christopher Welch

Western Colorado University  
Dalton Lorenz
Bailyn Salsbury
Gabe Paulin
Robert Larkin

West Virginia University 
Tara Forno
Craig Rench
Parker Grace
Kenzie Kohrs
Luke McCandless
Emily Schertle
Kayla McConahy