Don’t Miss AAPL’s 70th Annual Meeting in Boston

by/ LE'ANN CALLIHAN, Vice President of AAPL & NAPE

A fusion of innovation, ethics, leadership and networking opportunities

AAPL is proud to host its 70th Annual Meeting and Conference in the vibrant city of Boston June 19-21. This conference promises a captivating exploration of diverse topics vital to the energy sector, coupled with insights into cutting-edge technologies, ethical considerations, negotiation tactics and invaluable leadership strategies.

Led by Chair Hunter Buchert, the Annual Meeting Committee has planned an event that provides multiple opportunities to network and create new connections and business partners through the Welcome Reception at the famous Cheers bar (where everybody knows your name) and dinner and entertainment provided by Nashville-based The Bluebird Cafe on the 33rd floor of the fabulous State Room overlooking the beautiful Boston skyline. In addition, the Horizon Breakfast featuring Sarah Sandberg, co-founder of the Energy Leadership Institute and the keynote address by author, entrepreneur and Chick-Fil-A ambassador Trudy Cathy White are not to be missed, offering unique perspectives and invaluable insights!

Following is a glimpse of the topics that will be discussed by industry experts throughout the three days of learning, with CEU and CLE credits available:

Ethics: Landmen and Chat Bots

In an era where technology rapidly intertwines with industry practices, ethics take center stage. This session delves into the ethical implications of AI, particularly the integration of chatbots within landmen practices, covering responsible use and potential dilemmas.

Co-Locating Energy Assets

Understanding the benefits and challenges of co-locating energy assets is pivotal in optimizing operational efficiency. Experts will shed light on strategies to maximize resources while mitigating potential drawbacks.

Technology, Free and Simple: An AI Primer

A highlight of the conference is a comprehensive AI primer, demystifying complex technological advancements and presenting them in a digestible, accessible manner for all attendees.


Exceptional leadership is key to navigating the evolving energy landscape. Discussions will illuminate effective leadership qualities and strategies for success in the field.

Carbon Capture and Storage: State of the States

Exploring the latest advancements in carbon capture and storage, this session provides an overview of each state’s approach, fostering understanding and collaboration toward sustainable solutions.

Mergers and Acquisitions Overview

Coverage of the landscape of mergers and acquisitions within the energy sector will equip attendees with a comprehensive understanding of market trends and strategic implications.

Investing in Energy Stocks

Knowing the nuances of investing in energy stocks is essential for industry professionals. This discussion offers comprehensive insights and expert advice in this crucial area.

Energy Transition/Expansion

With the global shift toward additional energy sources such as renewables, discussions will revolve around navigating the energy expansion, exploring challenges, opportunities and strategies for a sustainable and economical future.

Multitract Wells

Delve into the complexities and advantages of multitrack wells, gaining valuable insights into this innovative aspect of energy extraction.

Human Capital in Energy

Recognizing the importance of talent and expertise in the industry, discussions will focus on nurturing human capital and fostering growth within the energy sector.

Marketable Title: State Comparison

Understanding the nuances of marketable title across different states is crucial. Comparative discussions will equip attendees with essential knowledge for effective operations.

Macro Market Update

Stay ahead with a macro market update, gaining an understanding of the broader economic landscape’s impact on the energy sector.

The Future of the Anadarko Washout

What nonop working interest owners in Texas need to know about the Cimarex and Cromwell decisions.

Robotics by Boston Dynamics

Witness firsthand the cutting-edge advancements in robotics, presented by the renowned innovators at Boston Dynamics.

Join us in Boston for an unparalleled opportunity to engage with industry leaders, expand your knowledge and network with fellow professionals. AAPL’s 70th Annual Meeting and Conference promises to be an enriching experience combining education, networking, fine dining, city sights and fun for all.

*Schedule and topics are subject to change.

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