Do You Know the AAPL Educational Foundation Inc.?

Featured in Landman, January/February 2019  /  By Aaron R. Yost, CPL, Third Vice President 

Unless you attend quarterly AAPL board of directors meetings or your local association national director frequently promotes the AAPL Educational Foundation Inc., you might not know the Foundation makes a substantial amount of money available each year for educating landmen and promoting the land profession. Even if you knew there were funds available, do you know how to apply for them, or what types of programs may be considered for funding? 

Originating in 1972, the Foundation was initially incorporated as the AAPL Educational Programs Inc. The Foundation was charged with sponsoring and promoting public education and educational programs. It had no members and its board of directors consisted of just three AAPL members. In 1991, the Foundation filed an amendment to the articles of incorporation, changing the name to the AAPL Educational Foundation Inc. At that time, AAPL owned the land at the location of its headquarters on Fossil Creek in Fort Worth. After the name change, AAPL transferred the ownership of this land to the Foundation. The Foundation acquired the vacant lot next to the headquarters in 2012. In 2015, AAPL relocated from its Fossil Creek headquarters, and the Foundation sold both the existing headquarters building site and the lot next to it. This divestiture significantly increased the net worth of the Foundation, resulting in a large amount of planned annual funding for educational programs.

Today, an eight-person board of directors - all AAPL members in good standing - manages the Foundation. Its mission is to promote education for the members of the AAPL and the general public. Like most corporations, the Foundation establishes an annual budget with anticipated income and expenses. The Foundation derives most of its income from appreciation on an investment account managed by Luther King Capital Management and calculates the expenses associated with funding programs on that income. For the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the Foundation budgeted nearly $88,000 to fund appropriate programs. An organization seeking consideration for educational funding simply needs to complete a grant application and timely submit it to the Foundation. While the Foundation meets at least quarterly to vote on grant applications and conduct other business, board members are tasked with reviewing applications between quarterly meetings. 

The Foundation typically recieves grant applications from AAPL committees, insitutes and local associations as well as other industry associations that need financial assistance to deliver or promote education. Examples of programs that the Foundation funded during the 2017-2018 fiscal year are as follows:

  • The AAPL Education Committee received funding to update the Fundamentals of Field Land Practices Seminar.
  • The Southwest Land Institue received fudning to help sponsor and promote the event.
  • The New Mexico Landmen's Association received funding to assist with the development of an independent contractor workshop.
  • The AAPL Forms Committee received fudning for the development and delivery of training sessions for the Contract Center during the 2018 Annual Meeting.
  • The Independent Petroleum Association of America and the Petroleum Equiptment & Services Association received funding to assist with education programs at four high schools that introduce students to land, geology and engineering as it applies to oil and gas development. 

Grant applications are located on the AAPL Educational Foundation page on the AAPL website (landman.og). The Foundation reviews and considers all grant applications, but be aware that applications are typically voted on quarterly, so plan ahead if you are interested in applying for a grant. 

One of AAPL President Mike Curry's key imperatives this year is to work together to increase recognition of landmen as competent, ethical professionals. All practicing landmen should join AAPL, more members need to be certified and everyone can take advantage of continuing education opportunities. Whether you are a member of an AAPL committee, a chair of a local association committee or just someone who is aware of an opportunity to increase recognition of landmen, promote land education or educate the public on the importance of landmen, consider completing and submitting an AAPL Educational Foundation grant application. 

Now that you know about the AAPL Educational Foundation, how will you use it?